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Account director, global sales Paris
Ref ID: n°32791
Town: Puteaux
Country : France
Contract type: Long term contract
Salary: Selon expérience
Experience: experienced
Job status: Manager
Job category: Sales / Indoor - Outdoor
Online since 2017/10/05
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Account director, global sales Paris (M/F)

Account Management
  • Accurate qualification of potential accounts; re-qualification of existing accounts.
  • Establishes and maintains complete and up-to-date information on each account.  This includes a thorough understanding of the account’s needs, history, plans, issues, organizational structure, strategies, existing business alliances and key competitors.
  • Interprets financial statements, e.g., P&L statements, annual reports, as appropriate, to assist in the formulation of an “account” proposal.
  • Maintains account information in SFA to ensure accurate and up-to-date account reporting.
  • Manages all resources within budgeted guidelines.
  • Proactively develop goals and objectives to support the strategic account plan.
  • Represents all brands of Marriott Lodging.
  • Responsible for proactive account or segment sales.
  • Supports data gathering, reporting & tracking functions.
Revenue Generation
  • Identifies, develops, initiates and manages opportunities based on their fit with broader strategic account initiatives.
  • Identifies key purchase points and decision-makers that influence the “buy” decision.
  • Networks account teams to maximize coverage of key contacts and revenue streams.
  • Partners with HQ support for annual pricing process, requests for pricing (RFPs) and related maintenance activity.
  • Relates customer needs to product capabilities.
  • Routinely quantifies the business impact to both the customer and Marriott.
  • Works with Revenue Management to support account strategy in-market.
Value Creation
  • Anticipates and quickly seizes opportunities not obvious to others to build customer satisfaction.
  • Brings cross-functional and cross-business knowledge to bear in developing business solutions.
  • Delivers value-added products and services to create long term customer loyalty.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with key buying influences by developing and delivering ‘ease of doing business’ solutions that create and provide unique value and positioning.
  • Positions self as “Subject Matter Expert” in terms of customer or account activity, business segment activity or market/region activity.
  • Pursues initiatives to capitalize on strengths and market opportunities, and to counter competitive threats
Customer Preference & Loyalty
  • Conducts information-oriented sessions at each level of influence within the account or customer base in order to foster and maintain commitment to Marriott as a strategic supplier/partner.
  • Counsels internal stakeholders on optimal negotiating stance.
  • Delivers value-added products and services to create long term customer preference and loyalty.
  • Delivers on commitments to customers.
  • Focuses on two-way communication to ensure win-win relationship is maintained.
  • Proactively seeks feedback from customers using resources and tools of GSO.
  • Uses knowledge of Marriott’s operations, its markets and competitors to promote dialogue and enrich customer interactions.
Market Integration & Leadership
  • Assists people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to effectively contribute and succeed in the account team.
  • Demonstrates benefits of total account management and team-based sales.
  • Ensures that account sales strategies are communicated, implemented and updated as market conditions fluctuate.
  • Facilitates educational opportunities that enhance credibility and integration between GSO and internal stakeholders.
  • Identifies and cultivates relationships with key colleagues and stakeholders in other parts of the organization.
  • Participates in professional and industry organizations (e.g., SAMA, ACTE, PCMA, MPI, ASMA, etc).
  • Participates with account team in market pull-through activity.
  • Provides opportunities for communicating account needs throughout organization.
  • Supports ‘in-market’ needs of properties in a given regional area.
  • Utilizes account team for Best Practice sharing and problem solving.
  • Performs other duties as assigned to meet business needs.
Building Relationships   
Coworker Relationships
  • Builds credibility with others and encourages strong working relationships.
  • Creates a work environment in which others feel comfortable sharing thoughts and feedback.
  • Shows awareness of how own behavior impacts others and the work environment.
  • Encourages others to work together.
Customer Relationships
  • Models and empowers others to anticipate and respond to customer/stakeholder preferences and feedback.
  • Clearly explains policies in ways that create strong customer/stakeholder relationships.
  • Monitors customer/stakeholder satisfaction and takes appropriate action.
  • Resolves customer/stakeholder issues and concerns raised by others.
Global Mindset
  • Creates an environment where everyone is valued and included.
  • Models and coaches others on representing the Company culture of service, opportunity, respect, and fair treatment.
  • Acts when others are treated unfairly or are not valued and respected for their unique skills.
  • Looks for and uses ideas and opinions from diverse sources.
  • Attracts, develops, and retains a multicultural and multigenerational workforce.
  • Gives all associates the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  • Organizes activities that promote inclusion.
  • Maintains an awareness of changing customer/stakeholder and associate characteristics.
Generating Talent and Organizational Capability
Organizational Capability
  • Ensures the work is organized so it can be effectively completed.
  • Continuously improves work processes.
  • Brings together the appropriate mix of associate knowledge and skills to complete work.
  • Coaches others on scope of technical decision‐making authority.
  • Uses meetings and other forums to regularly communicate status of work.
Talent Management
  • Provides, seeks, and acts on constructive feedback.
  • Develops others by identifying needs and providing resources in area of expertise.
  • Uses professional networks to attract top talent in area of expertise.
  • Participates in the hiring process and ensures successful on‐boarding of newassociates.
  • Models and coaches others on staying calm and focused during stressful situations.
  • Communicates to others why change is happening and how it impacts their work.
  • Models flexibility when managing multiple demands and changing priorities.
  • Provides resources that help others deal with change and challenges.
  • Adjusts team and own priorities when experiencing change or challenges.
  • Determines how change impacts stakeholders and communicates concerns to leadership.
Communication and Professional Demeanor
  • Clearly presents complex information using different methods.
  • Adapts communication style based on the audience.
  • Demonstrates active listening to ensure understanding.
  • Models and coaches others on appropriately interpreting verbal and non‐verbal behavior.
  • Models and coaches others on displaying professionalism and gaining respect from others.
Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Identifies issues and makes suggestions to solve complex problems affecting daily work.
  • Models and coaches others on breaking complex issues into manageable parts.
  • Looks for and shares information with others before making a decision.
  • Models and coaches others on identifying and evaluating alternatives and their implications before making decisions.
  • Involves and gains agreement from others when making key decisions.
  • Makes complex decisions and works with others to implement solutions in reasonable amount of time.
Learning and Applying Professional Expertise
Applied Learning
  • Sets own career goals and identifies developmental areas for self and others.
  • Uses resources and challenging assignments to improve performance of self and others.
  • Gathers, shares, and uses information about industry and discipline trends and best practices.
  • Budgets for training to support associate development, as applicable.
  • Coaches and holds others accountable for professional growth.
Business Acumen
  • Ensures others understand how their work impacts property and team performance.
  • Coaches others on the drivers of performance and their impact on key business and property metrics.
  • Shows an understanding of how different customer/stakeholder groups have different revenue potential.
  • Identifies innovative ways to improve, productivity, customer/stakeholder satisfaction, and profitability.
Technical Acumen
  • Maintains advanced technical knowledge and skills and models their use for others.
  • Models and promotes the appropriate use of facilities, equipment, and materials to perform the job.
  • Demonstrates and shares expertise in policies, procedures, and legal requirements.
  • Manages and completes complex technical assignments and coaches others on solving advanced technical issues.
  • Demonstrates and reinforces technical standards and processes to support work requirements.
  •  Identifies innovative technical approaches and communicates how they can improve processes or business functioning.
Managing Execution
Building and Contributing to Teams
  • Promotes teamwork by explaining how each associate supports shared goals.
  • Builds commitment to team goals by explaining how they support department and property success.
  • Works with team members to solve issues and make decisions that impact them.
  • Manages disagreements among team members.
  • Recognizes department, team, and individual achievements.
Driving for Results
  • Creates a team environment that encourages accountability, high standards, and innovation.
  • Makes sure others understand performance expectations.
  • Sets and tracks goal progress for self and others.
  • Monitors the work of others to ensure it is completed on time and meets expectations.
  • Breaks down barriers so team members can accomplish their work.
Planning and Organizing
  • Prioritizes group activities based on importance, urgency, and impact to goals.
  • Manages team workload and delegates assignments appropriately.
  • Ensures team members have the equipment, materials, and other resources needed to accomplish their work.
  • Avoids conflicts when setting project timelines and communicates key milestones and deadlines to others.

Education and Experience Preferred
Strong preference for candidat with Starwood experience
• 5+ years sales and marketing experience required.
• Total Account Management experience preferred.
• Hospitality sales experience preferred.
• Strong preference for candidate who speaks English




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